While an AKC conformation dog show may look like a beauty pageant to a casual observer, it is not. The dogs are not being compared to each other; they’re being measured by how closely they conform to the written standard of their particular breed. The breed standard details desirable and undesirable attributes of appearance and temperament for the breed. The dogs are then judged based on their structure, physical characteristics and exhibited temperament according to this clear and concise blueprint.


The Samoyed standard is largely based on form following function. Prick ears, thick double coat, hare-foot, and belly tuck-up are just a few examples of characteristics in our AKC standard which enabled the Samoyed to perform effectively as a sled puller and a herding dog thriving in a harsh Siberian environment. Their personalities allowed them to co-exist peacefully with other dogs and people in close quarters.

The superintendent for Snow Xtremes' conformation competition is Jack Onofrio Dog Shows.