Reservations open April 1, 2021!!

Reservations may be submitted and paid online, or reservations may be mailed and postmarked no
earlier than April 1, 2021.

Grooming area will be open to exhibitors at 12 noon on Monday, September 20, 2021. Electric will be available in all reserved grooming areas. All grooming areas to be kept clean and aisles to remain clear.

All attempts will be made to accommodate requests made to be located near other individuals but there are NO

Non-Reserved Grooming Area: Although reservations are recommended, free grooming area with
limited access to electricity will be available in designated areas. The Show Committee reserves the right to consolidate spaces to accommodate exhibitors.


Dog bathing facilities will be provided in designated areas.

There will be no refunds for reserved grooming.

For questions regarding Reserved Grooming, please contact Grooming Committee.

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