Reserved Grooming opens to exhibitors at 8 am Monday, September 20th. Unloading is available on the west side of the Events Center.


Grooming Space Options Available:

  • All Mountain – 10' x 12' space in the Events Center - $75/space

  • Carving – 5' x 12' space in the Events Center - $40/space

  • First Tracks (Front Row) – 10' x 12' space in the Events Center (xtremely limited availability) - $200/space

  • Backcountry - 9' x 9' space in the Exhibition Building - $35/space.  The exhibition building is located north of the Events Center (approx. 50 yards apart)

**Limit of 2 spaces per reservation. **


Open Grooming Area: Although reservations are recommended, there will be a limited amount of open grooming space available in the Exhibition building located immediately north of the Events Center. The Show Committee reserves the right to consolidate space to accommodate exhibitors.

  • Grooming will be open to exhibitors at 8 am on Monday, September 20, 2021.

  • Electricity will be available in all grooming areas.

  • Exhibitors and handlers will be held responsible for cleanliness of their grooming area and must be cleaned daily.

  • No X-Pens or mats in the building.  Dogs are not permitted to stay in the building overnight.

  • Grooming is not allowed in any hotel rooms.

  • Grooming areas must be cleared 1 hour after the conclusion of judging on Saturday.

  • Space assignments will be posted at the show site near the entrance doors.

  • ·At this time, it is unknown what COVID-19 protocols will be required during the event by AKC, state, or local authorities.  It is possible that forced air-dryers will not be permitted in the building.   There is electrical access available outside the exhibition building, near the dog wash stations. 

  • All reserved grooming reservations will be made through the SCA 2021 Store website. 

We will do our best to honor requests to be setup next to another exhibitor if mentioned on the reservation form however there are no guarantees. 


The dog wash is located on the west side of the Exhibition Hall and will be setup by 12 noon on Monday, September 20, 2021.

There will be no refunds for reserved grooming. 

For questions regarding Reserved Grooming, please contact Grooming Committee.