Every year at the SCA National Specialty, the Judges Education Committee conducts  two seminars:


1)      A Judges Education Seminar, which is designed for new judging applicants for the Samoyed Breed.  The National Specialty Judges Ed Seminar contains three components:

  • The classroom segment, which has PowerPoint presentations that cover the Breed Standard and a brief History of the Breed.

  • The hands-on segment, where participants are given the opportunity to go over actual   dogs…this helps to bring the Breed Standard to life for the participants!

  • Ringside observation segment with SCA approved Mentors who have been nominated by the SCA BOG.


2)     A Mentor Education Seminar, is designed for SCA members in good standing who have been an SCA Member for 12 years and have had at least 12 years of experience in judging or exhibiting in conformation.   Anyone interested in being added to the SCA Mentors List must attend this seminar before being added to the list.   The Mentor Education Seminar is a classroom seminar consisting of the following components:

  • A PowerPoint orientation to AKC forms that require a Mentor’s signature for ringside mentoring.

  • A PowerPoint overview of the Breed Standard 

  • An orientation to ringside etiquette 

  • The Mentor application process, consisting of:  the SCA Mentor Application Form and the passing of the SCA Breed Mentor Test, and signing the Mentoring Etiquette form.


Please direct all questions regarding seminar registration to the Chairperson of the SCA Judges Education Committee, which you will find listed in the most current issue of the SCA At Your Service Directory.