Please carefully read the following.  It will allow you and your Sam to have an enjoyable and safe pack hike.


Greeley, Colorado is located on the eastern plains of the state.  The mountains are a two-hour drive away.  Daytime temperatures vary greatly — possibly as much as 30 degrees from early morning to mid-day.  In September, even in the mountains, it is also possible to reach temperatures as high as the mid to high 80’s by mid-day.  We will likely be hiking in direct sun for part of the time.


If temperatures are too high for our dogs’ feet on concrete or rocks, or for safe hiking, the hike may be cancelled.


  • We have a release form in the store for you to accept, as you register for the hike


  • We will gather Sunday, September 19th, at the Bunkhouse (check your map of Island Grove) at 7:45 a.m. sharp!  Please have water bottles and packs filled before we meet.


  • Have dogs’ packs and your gear ready to hit the trail!


  • Dress in layers to shed as the day progresses.


  • Bring enough water for you and your dog.  Water is heavy, but consumable, and may comprise the most weight in your dog’s pack.  Because of our altitude, and the dry climate, water is a must to help alleviate the symptoms of altitude distress caused by dehydration.


  • Our altitude means the sun is more intense and can damage unprotected skin.  Use a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher.   We will be hiking for several hours in the sun.


  • Appropriate footwear.  Trail hiking is best done in hiking boots, though good athletic-type shoes will work.  Uneven footing (especially on back country trails) may be easier in sturdy lug-soled boots.


  • Rain gear “just in case”.  Lightning and wind along with rain are not typical, but always a possibility in September.


  • A daypack for yourself to contain your gear.


  • We will hike 5 miles so that properly packed dogs may accrue 50 points towards their WS title.  This means you should be walking your dog with his/her pack before you arrive in Colorado. 


  • You do NOT HAVE to pack for points.


  • Please purchase a dog pack BEFORE you come to the National, fill the pack with the items needed to equal 25% of your dog’s weight and bring it with you.  We will NOT have time to weigh everyone’s pack & find items for them the day of the hike.


  • Packs are available from the Denver Samoyed Rescue: 




  • List of items for your dog’s pack and your backpack can be found HERE



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