Packing Lists



To equal 25% of your dog’s weight*


Be sure to weigh the dog(s’) pack(s) to add to items inside the pack

*contents equally weighted on the left and right side


  • Water for you & your dog (up to 2 liters per pannier)

  • Containers for water – you can use liter pop bottles, or collapsible bottles available at outfitters like REI

  • Bowl for dogs’ water

  • First aid kit (for you & your dog)

  • Extra leash

  • Sunscreen

  • Bagged dog snacks

  • Bug spray (just in case)

  • Paw protection (found at

  • Poop bags

  • Your gloves & hat

  • Your extra socks




All that doesn’t fit in your dog’s pack!


  • Day pack

  • Rain gear

  • Ski band or hat (may fit in dog’s pack)

  • Gloves (may fit in dog’s pack)

  • Lunch

  • Water bottle (you might need more than what your dog is carrying)

  • Camera/phone

  • Light weight sweater (fleece?)

  • Light jacket in case of cold weather

  • Extra socks (may fit in dog’s pack)

  • Snacks

  • Your wallet/ID

  • Pain reliever for headache (just in case)


It is possible conditions will be too warm for cold weather hat, gloves, etc., but in Colorado fall can be fickle. Come prepared!

Downloadable Packing List