During the National Specialty week, we will honor those Samoyeds who have been lovingly adopted and re-homed. To create a beautiful tribute to these dogs, we need to know about your special Rescue!


We would love the halls of the Event Center, site of the conformation dog show, to fill with photos and bios of each Rescue. The display will be up for all to see for the entire week. To enter your rescue Sammy, fill out the form found at this link.


Each dog will receive a personalized rosette and an 8”x10” framed photo that includes the story you write about your dog’s journey to its forever home. The cost is $20 and needs to be picked up by you or a proxy on Friday or Saturday at the National. To get the rosettes and photos ready by the National, the deadline for entries is August 1st.


Please spread the word, and let those with adopted Samoyeds know about this opportunity to showcase some of the best work we, as humans, can do for those Samoyeds in need. With this Rescue Wall of Fame, the Samoyed community recognizes and thanks those who have opened their hearts and homes to Sammies in need of a forever home. You are truly heroes to these furry friends.