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weight pull

Does your Sammy like to pull when you go for walks? Put that trait to good use! While neck pulling is not the same as harness pulling, almost all Samoyeds do well in harness, and weight pull can be you and your dog's introduction to a much more productive pulling outlet.

Weight pulling is a way to create a close connection with your dog. It is both a mental and physical activity that requires a close bond between both of you. Your dog will gain confidence from you, learning to work for you in this fun sport.

This year we are very pleased to be able to offer two IWPA sanctioned weight pulls, a clinic for new dogs, and the traditional SCA Novice and Sanctioned weight pulls, all at one location.

It will be possible for you to earn points toward or finish an SCA working title with four possible pulls.

The clinic will guide new dogs and new handlers in the sport and prepare you for the Novice weight pull.

Snow Xtremes is sponsoring these events and the organizer and chief judge will be Bob Sencenbaugh. If you want more information, please contact him at Starcheywsx@msn.com.

If you're ready to sign up, visit the store to sign up using the link in the image below! 

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